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Friday, July 13, 2007

Rivkin Statement to House Judiciary Committee Re: Libby Commutation

    Terse commentary on the July 11, 2007 Statement of David B. Rivkin Jr. regarding the Libby case.

    Uncharacteristic for him in an official venue, Rivkin is a bit "snarky." He says "Prosecutor Fitzgerald is undoubtedly an honorable man, and, by all accounts, does not have a partisan bone in his body." But later in the same paragraph, he says the appointment of a special prosecutor fosters "Inspector Javier like pursuit of the individual being investigated." Was Ken Starr Inspector Javier like too? How about Barrett, was he? (office appointed May 24, 1995 - terminated May 3, 2006; "to prosecute offenses arising from any false statements that Cisneros had made to the FBI during the background investigation leading to his appointment as HUD Secretary"; at a cost of ??? -- and noting the ONLY allegation of wrongdoing is false statements!)

    Mr. Rivkin was much more direct in his criticism while speaking to Chris Matthews on Hardball. Here is what he says about the "undoubtedly honorable man" ...

I think the mistake was made by the vindictive and out-of-control prosecutor who aligned the facts in such a way that the jury had no choice...

    As to the Libby case, Rivkin fronts numerous (and old) bogus rationales in his statement:

My view of the Libby case is probably best distilled in two short essays, Scooter Libby - Scamming the Sham and Covert or Not in Purple Blogistan.

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