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Monday, May 14, 2007

Libby Trial - Victim Impact Statements

A Patrick Johnson of Newport Beach, California filed one such letter, which is entered as Doc 339, dated April 27. Mr. Johnson claims he will be personally harmed and requests that bail be revoked for Mr. Libby. The letter is an interesting read, although I think Mr. Johnson overstates his allegation of personal harm and damages.

In other news, the Court granted another extension of time for filing of redacted pleadings, where the pleadings were sealed pursuant to CIPA. The extension is until May 15, 2007.

In yet other news, the Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit has not acted on the Dow Jones-Associated Press Motion to Unseal (affidavits and Court Opinion). The most recent action in that case is the reply brief filed by Dow Jones, on March 30, 2007.

Libby Trial : Doc 340


    The parties are advised that the Court has received multiple letters concerning the defendant's sentencing in this case. If counsel desires to review the letters, the Court's Chambers shall be contacted to arrange for a date and time for reviewing the letters. 1     SO ORDERED this 11th day of May, 2007. --
1 If the defendant desires to view the letters, the Court will permit defense counsel to make copies of the letters for the defendant's viewing.

Doc 339

Scooter Libby's children,--Hal Libby and Ricki Libby, as revealed by court documents--are each likely to grow up to be the same kind of smug, sleazy slimeball that their father is. They'll smirk all the way to high-paying jobs that they get not because of merit but because of connections. Irve Lewis Libby's children, Libby's wife, and Libby himself--what a family of cheap, disgusting whores, lower than a toothless crack whore living in a cardboard box and selling blow jobs for a living.
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