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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Emmigration, Mexican Style

Mona Charen penned a column yesterday, Misery across the border, in which she discusses conditions in Mexico as being darn good reasons for Mexicans to leave there, and come to the United States. She makes a compelling case.

As the Defense and Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy magazine noted: "Mexico ranks No. 1 in the world for disappearances of women, No. 2 for kidnappings for ransom (No. 1 of countries not at war), No. 2 for number of narco-cartels, and No. 3 for murders per capita." In 2004, 300,000 people rallied in Mexico City to protest kidnappings by criminal gangs, which not infrequently result in death to the captive even after ransom has been paid. The police solve less than 1 percent of these cases. And, as the article details, even when the criminals are jailed, they can easily buy their way out of prison "with collusion of prison officials."


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